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Noa Coffey-Moore

Creative Director, Author


Annevay Zapata



Justin Johnson

Web Designer

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Henry Mosher, Videographer

Bean Amelia

Survival Guide Illustrator


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Robyn Smith

Survival Guide Illustrator

Author & Creative Director

Noa Coffey-Moore is a Black Queer TransNonbinary Femme* and author of the Black Femme Survival Guide. They have been featured in various publications including Brown & Out and The Advocate. They are a writer, community educator, & multimedia artist working for black femme liberation & well-being. They create brave spaces for black & brown femmes of all identities to participate in engaging, interactive & workshops & discussions of identity, self-compassion, advocacy and resilience. They utilize intersectional & liberatory frameworks & honor the legacy of black & brown femmes in everything they do. Noa has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice Education, Creative Writing & Theater from Hampshire College.

* (but really questions what it looks like to have & communicate a liberated, ancestral gender).

Survival Guide Illustrators

Robyn Smith  is a Jamaican cartoonist, currently based in NYC. She has an MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies and has worked on comics for NECIR (New England Center for Investigative Reporting), the Seven Days newspaper, College Humor and The Nib. 

She’s also been featured on The Comics Journal list The Best Short Form Comics of 2016 by Rob Clough and also Pen America by Whit Taylor, for her mini comic 'The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town'. She most recently worked with writer Jamila Rowser on the Comic 'Wash Day' but more currently she's working on more weird, sad autobio stuff and holding on to dreams of returning home, to the ocean.

Bean Amelia is a Womanist, Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, Aesthetician, Non-conformist, Writer, Free spirit, Low-key an awesome Model, Poet, Auntie, Creative Director, Teacher, Sister, Hopeless Romantic & Friend. Catch me carelessly speaking my truth to ensure the intersectionality of Black women is properly addressed, appreciating the beauty and simplicity of nature, curating photoshoots, art shows and events to bring people together, and/or hard at work fostering a budding appreciation for art in children.

Contributors & Partners  


Hampshire College Theater Program                                                

Ethics & the Common Good Project, Hampshire College 

Culture, Brain & Development Program, Hampshire College 

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