What is the Black Femme Survival Guide?

It is a self-help, self care resource for black & brown queer femmes of all identities. This guide connects and honors the legacy of queer black femmes who have struggled, thrived, and created before us and honors oral history and life experience as knowledge. In this guide we begin to unpack and develop an understanding of  radical self-care as a politicized act of resistance. 

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Caring for [ourselves] is not self-indulgent, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare
— Audre Lorde

Healing is not a new concept to our communities.

We have forever been in resistance , forever have been picking each other up supporting one another, & growing & thriving even in the face of active oppression .


This book stems from a deep belief in the power and necessity of healing justice as an essential and necessary movement,


...empowering us to continue to fight for our lives.


Because the “self care” black & brown femmes  practice, is indeed the deepest form of alchemy. Our acts of survival are a refusal for what society wishes for us.


Our acts of survival are a refusal for what society wishes for us.


The Black Femme Survival Guide: 

Unpacks the term self care within the context of white supremacy


Unveils the capitalist commercialization of the self Care industry


Situates caring for ourselves and one another within a deep history of community survival

Illustrates how to cultivate nourishing relationships

Investigates how to to curate lives which lead by our values & priorities


Creates a framework for how to listen to our needs with Compassion


The Book is Filled With:

  • Spells

  • Manifestation models

  • Herbs

  • Illustrations

Each chapter includes personal activities & workbook pages that work from a trauma-informed perspective to assist you on your personal healing journey!

Why Is this Guide Important?

Because black & brown femmes & nonbinary folk deserve to heal. We deserve to be heard. We deserve to get credit where credit is due. That survival is genius & so are our stories. We deserve to have a self-help book written just for us.


This book was intended for black & brown femmes, nonbinary folk, & gender nonconforming folk of all gender identities. However there is immense learning to be done and as such the Black Femme Survival guide can begin important conversations about honoring the emotional labor of black & brown folks, unlearning toxic aspects of masculinity, & engaging in reparations whenever possible. This Guide is applicable for everyone.

This Guide is an important reflection of the power of healing within social justice work. Therefore, pricing is built to reflect the power & Privileges of identities who choose to engage with the work. Through this pricing we invite you to engage in restorative economics with us.

 $15 People of Color

$30+ up White folks

+ shipping costs

We live in, and therefore participate in, a system which disproportionately economically oppresses people of color & black folks, especially those of femme-spectrum folks. Your participation in redistribution of wealth, even in small ways, is tangibly and actively helping to dismantle these racist, transphobic & femmephobic systems.

If you truly want to make a difference, invest $$ in supporting black & brown folks healing together.

By purchasing a guide for $30 + up, this covers one copy for you, & makes one copy of the guide available to a person of color free of charge.

White passing folks & poc with white privilege are encouraged to choose the price which makes the most authentic sense to them.

Thank you in advance! Your support makes this work possible!

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