Black Femme Survival is a social justice platform & community healing project which creates brave spaces for Black & Brown Queer Femmes of all identities to learn, heal, & thrive together.


This online platform is centered upon uplifting the voices of black & brown femmes to share their survival stories


To revel & celebrate the fact that we are still here.

To pass Down our wisdom & survival genius.

Featured in The Advocate:

“This project was created “in the hopes that this multi-media approach will increase access to crucial resources for young femmes of color, in need of supportive & resilient community.”

-The Advocate, LGBTQ magazine,  June 2018

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Black Femme Survival Guide is a self-help, self care resource for black & brown queer femmes of all identities.



BFS workshops are an opportunity to do powerful radical self work, together in intentional community.