Wanna know how to support Black Femme Survival Work?


Well… The Dream…..

is to be able to bring ya'll community oriented healing resources & support.

But we can’t do it alone!

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First & Foremost, it actively supports black femme labor!

It also helps us pay for:

-Reissues of the survival guide

- Website upkeep & media costs 

-Our interviewees’ labor 

- Video editing and transcription costs

-Travel & filming costs for interviews

& Labor for Peer counseling workshops & free tickets to working class & low-income participants 

This is HUGE!!!

Your pledges help to make this project possible without larger institutional assistance.

In an age where we are being devalued, let’s continue to take care of one another. This is our healing praxis in action!

Invest $$ in supporting black & brown folks healing together. 

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