Black Femme Survival workshops are an opportunity to do powerful radical self work, together in intentional community.

We create dynamic, engaging, transformative brave spaces where participants discuss & experience the intersections of identity, care, resistance, & survival.



In BFS Workshops, we talk, dance, move, trust, challenge ourselves, & support one another to step into our power & create in ourselves the love, belonging, & joy we deserve. Workshops are creative, customizable & always trauma-informed.

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You can combine aspects of any workshop to make a customized workshop tailored for your group. All workshops can be tailored to youth or adult participants. Multiple day, workshops series are also available.

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*For Closed POC spaces:

Coming Fall 2019

Surviving White Supremacy in the Workplace


Slowing Down: Self Compassion in a Painful World*

“To get to a place where you could love anything you chose – not to need permission for desire – well now that was freedom.” – Toni Morrison
What does self compassion even mean? & Where does it come from? In this workshop, we unpack self compassion & self love & work towards making these ways of relating to ourselves, accessible & possible in our daily lives. Sometimes, the ways we’ve been socialized within our families, & our communities, & society at large does not set us up to be our most self-loving selves. Together, we’ll begin to unpack the first messages we’ve received about our identity & worth. How do we locate a self-loving voice within us that looks out for our best interest? How can we use mindfulness work to tap into our own needs & what does it look like to begin to prioritize these needs in our daily life & work? These questions will be answered with group conversation, group skillshare, & brave personal reflective work.


Radical Self Care; Thinking Beyond the Bubble Bath*

In a world designed to tear us down, we know that self care is radical, revolutionary, & necessary. But why it so hard to actually… do it. In this workshop, we will use tips & tricks to help us unapologetically communicate our needs. We will share strategies for slowing down, taking our time & tuning into our needs as an act of resistance. We will also take part in discourse, unpacking the whitewashing of the self care industry, & diving deep into what self care looks like under capitalism as we reclaim our necessary & sacred self care spaces. How can we cast boundary spells that help us to contain all of our magic, & protect us from what does not serve us? What does self care look like beyond the bubble bath? These questions will be answered with group conversation, group skillshare, & brave personal reflective work.

Lets Not Pretend that Witches Aren’t Black; At Home Alchemy & Self-Medicine as Resistance*

If I hear one more white cis woman claiming she’s a witch… *Ahem* anyyway:

This workshop digs into deep ancestral healing narratives around protection, self-wisdom, & inner growth. How are we witches leading regular lives? In what ways is taking care of ourselves, magic at work. What is magic & how can it heal us? Together we will share our deep self-knowledge, our spells, prayers & recipes. Maybe we’ll even cast something together. This workshop is a Self Care Skillshare tailored by request. Topics for focus include but are not limited to, how to listen to your body & learn to cook ancestrally, how to use medical herbs for healing, boundaries, grief & joy. This workshop can be a focused cooking or herbal product based workshop*. Let’s build it together!

*Additional Materials Rates may apply

Deconstructing Self-Destruction*

In this workshop, we will begin to unpacking where self-destructive behaviors come from. We will begin doing the work to notice & change self-behavior… if we want!! What’s the pressure to change them anyway? This workshop covers vast material & can focus on developing & crafting healthy coping mechanisms. During the session, we can also deconstruct what “healthy” even means. As Black & Brown Queer & Trans people our emotions, experiences, & behaviors have been forever pathologized. How can we re-claim & rewrite our own narratives of survival to include resistance within our own behavior. Through self reflection, group, discourse, & hopefully a whole lot of play & joy, we will re-imagine “bad” choices  & “healthy” decisions in the context of surviving & thriving life our beautiful, messy lives.

Femmifestation Journaling & Poetry*

“Language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. Language alone is meditation.” – Toni Morrison

Writing in itself is an opportunity to practice self- meditation. In this workshop, we will explore how can we use writing to access our deepest needs, wishes, & dreams. We will practice self compassionate & non-judgemental writing as a practice for femmifestation & truth seeking. This workshop is grounded in personal self-reflection with opportunity for group share in our brave space.

Decolonizing Gender*

Where have gender norms specifically been created from a legacy of white supremacy and how can we resist these threads in order to reclaim the possibilities of gender? In what ways is our gender an act of resistance? How can we continue to liberate ourselves in a binary world? Through self reflection, group, discourse, focuses on personal and theoretical decolonizing work for folks of color. This workshop can start at Gender 101 or build & expand endlessly from there.

Unpacking Femme-phobia in Queer Community

Soo… this has been happening since the history of time. You ready to talk about it? How can we as a community recognize misogyny, patriarchy, and femmephobia within the Queer & Trans community. In this workshop, we’ll unpack the stealth ways toxic masculinity shows up in our every day lives, often-times regardless of gender & the ways that femmeness is stigmatized, devalued & abused within our communities. How can we flip the script, empower our femmes, & create femme-centered spaces full of joy, love, & respect? This session can easily be partnered with a healthy masculinity workshop.

Transformative Survival Guides; Personalized Zine Workshop

What five self-caring acts would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island… or…. when it’s the middle of winter & you’ve fallen into the sads… In this workshop, we’ll create our own transformative survival guides we can bring with us anywhere. Pocket-sized zines are the perfect tool to keep caring for ourselves at the tips of our fingers. This workshop can be added to the end of any other BFS workshop.

*Additional Materials Rates apply


Dive Deeper Consultation* (30-60 min)

Upon request, initial consultations are a way to dig a little deeper into where your students or collective members are at, in order to create a workshop experience that is truly customizable, before we jump into a workshop. During this time we collaborate on goals and objectives and use context to whatever curriculum or organizing that is in process.

*additional rates apply

Partnered Workshops

A collaborative workshop where we get to co-facilitate a multiple hour or multiple day offering. For example, if your collective would like to teach Session 1: Healthy Masculinity, we can offer Session 2: Unpacking Femmephobia. These work well in a series structure.




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