Youth Workshops

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Black Femme Survival offers fun, nourishing workshops for K-12 youth in classrooms and community-learning settings. It is important for black & brown youth, to have intentional time to connect and learn to care for one another in community. In addition to self-empowerment spaces, we also provide interactive social justice workshops & trainings to youth of all identities. Workshops are dynamic and are grounded in play, group team-builders, visual art & theater , as well as community-strengthening activities.

Black Femme Empowerment

I see you young black femme! With all that being a student entails- How can you make time to take care of yourself? How can you learn to be your best self for your friends, your family, and your teachers at school? This workshop is a grounded in self-compassion fundamentals and uses theater work to get there. We talk about naming our feelings, our needs, and communicating them to others in our life while doing theater play in large and small groups. The goal of this workshop is to walk away with a beginning in self and peer advocacy as we learn to listen to other’s needs as well. Learning to be in sweet and caring community.

Femmifestation Journaling & Poetry

“Language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. Language alone is meditation.” – Toni Morrison

Writing in itself is an opportunity to practice self- meditation. In this workshop, we will explore how can we use writing to access our deepest needs, wishes, & dreams. We will practice self compassionate & non-judgemental writing as a practice for femmifestation & truth seeking. This workshop is grounded in personal self-reflection with opportunity for group share in our brave space.

Transformative Survival Guides; Personalized aRT Zine Workshop

What five self-caring acts would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island… or…. when it’s the middle of winter & you’ve fallen into the sads… In this workshop, we’ll create our own transformative survival guides we can bring with us anywhere. Pocket-sized zines are the perfect tool to keep caring for ourselves at the tips of our fingers. This workshop can be added to the end of any other BFS workshop.
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Worskhops can be tailored to any shared identities that would be most beneficial to your school community. This includes but is not limited to: black femmes, black & brown femmes, all students of color, mixed femme spaces, all student body.



1-3 hour options

Longer workshops fit well with after school programming.


Dive Deeper CONSULTATION* (30-60 MIN)

Upon request, initial consultations are a way to dig a little deeper into where your students or collective members are at, in order to create a workshop experience that is truly customizable, before we jump into a workshop. During this time we collaborate on goals and objectives and use context to whatever curriculum or organizing that is in process.

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Caleb's 6th Birthday.png